Top tricks to make selling and moving smoother

Top tricks to make selling and moving smoother

16th Dec, 2015

Moving home, whether it’s for the first or tenth time, can be a stressful and uncomfortable period. Having helped many people move over the past years, we have some top tricks and hacks to make selling and moving smoother.  

Selling Tips

Designated rooms

If you own a four bedroom house, make sure that it has four bedrooms. Buyers find it more appealing if rooms have a specific purpose which in turn adds value to the property.

Declutter and clean

A cluttered house can seem small, uncomfortable and can distract buyers from visualising the house as their own. Keep it minimal, clear surfaces and put away clothes. Make sure the house is clean, fragrant and inviting for when buyers visit.

Neutral colours

Neutral colours that reflect daylight make a room feel brighter, more spacious and leave room for imagination. Splashes of colour, plants, accessories and lighting can bring some character to the room to enhance the space.


Do those jobs you’ve been putting off. Chipped paint, broken lights, squeaky doors are just a few of the things that can deter a buyer. Fixing the small jobs could make a huge difference.

Moving Tips


Labels are very important when moving house. Buying labels of different sizes and colours allows you to organise every room efficiently. You can add labels with the room and main contents along with wires for devices and even items that are being sent to charity.

Invest in good boxes

Decent boxes can be used time and time again, folded down or used to keep your loft tidy. So buying good quality boxes is always a solid investment. You may even be able to source these for free from shops but make sure they’re strong and not too large otherwise you won’t be able to move them once they’re full.

Save bags of time when packing clothes

Save time when packing your wardrobe contents by keeping all of your clothes on their hangers and placing a tie top bin bag over the bottom. You can then tie the tops around the hangers and your clothes are ready to be hung up as soon as they are in the new house.

Ask your friends and family for help and offer a ‘reward’

While moving can be stressful, having friends and family to help can actually make it fun. And if you sweeten the deal, perhaps with the offer of a takeaway at the end of it, you may find you have even more willing volunteers.


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