We love interiors!

We love interiors!

5th Apr, 2019

Here at Applegate we love all things property, but it especially makes us smile when we come across ones with a beautiful interior – plus the ones with standout designs usually sell quicker!

So, we have decided to share with you some images from a selection of the houses currently for sale – as well as businesses and places we like to visit – to hopefully inspire your own décor.

We’ve already begun uploading images to our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts – so make sure you’re following us to keep up with ‘what’s hot’ in the world of property.

If you have a unique finish or feature in your home, or visit a location where the interior blows you away – anything from carpet, tiles and wallpaper to sofas, worktops and bannisters – why not share your pictures and tag us in your posts?

Good design can transform a normal space into one that is extraordinary, and this is exactly why we want to share our findings with you!

So, why not head over to our various social media sites, to catch up on what we’ve been doing so far, and keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come!

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