Welcome in the warmer weather!

Welcome in the warmer weather!

20th Apr, 2018

The sun is finally shining, and with a forecast for warmer weather for the weekend, we can open our doors and officially let spring into our homes!

It is so easy to brighten up your space – inside and out – at this time of year, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune redecorating your whole property. Here are some of our simple suggestions…


Your front door is the first thing that anyone will encounter when arriving at your house. So why not make a decorative – and natural – statement with a blossoming climber arching over the entrance. It really is a lovely way to greet guests! Better still, choose a fragrant one to release a perfumed, crisp scent around your property.


Potted plants are a great way to introduce some colour to your garden – you can even move them around your outdoor space as and when you want!

It is also a good idea to bring some of these inside and place them around your home to add a freshness to your décor.


Our windows come to life at this time of year, letting in the gorgeous light and air. This naturally draws us towards them to look outside, so this is even more reason to ensure your outdoor space is bright and colourful.

Another great tip is to wash your windows, so they look clear and sparkly in the sunshine – they deserve a good clean after the build-up of grime from winter.


We’re not suggesting that after waiting all year for some sun, that you then block it out with blinds. But, having them in place means you can control how much and which rooms you want the sun to shine into – as the sun begins to set it can become blindingly bright and a bit of a nuisance.


If you’re someone who likes to open up your doors and windows to let in the fresh air, this can automatically invite insects and bugs into your property. Setting up a form of barrier to block them out, like a fitted mesh screen – or simply hanging up a sheet – can help to deter pests entering your property.

We hope that the beautiful spring weather continues, so we can all carry on enjoying it! These simple and cheap hacks to welcome in the warmth are ideal for any home, small or large.

If the sunshine has prompted you to purchase or rent a house, you can speak with one of our reliable sales and lettings team here.

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