What are my rights as a tenant?

What are my rights as a tenant?

24th Feb, 2020

Paying a monthly rent to a landlord can be hassle free, but many tenants are a little hazy when it comes to their rights.

Repairs – what tenants need to know

There are a number of default repairs which a landlord is required to carry out. Additional information about who is responsible for repairs is usually contained in your tenancy agreement.

Deposit protection

Any deposit paid on or after 1 April 2013 must be protected in one of the three authorised Tenancy Deposit Schemes, approved by the Department for Communities.

Your landlord or agent must provide you with information on the scheme he or she is using – and a list of other prescribed information – within 28 days of you handing the money over.

Freedom from harassment and illegal eviction

When you rent a property, it becomes your home. Your landlord must respect that the house is occupied and should use the proper legal procedures when entering or trying to reclaim possession of it.


In order to lawfully evict you, your landlord must follow the correct legal procedure. Similarly, you must follow the right steps if you wish to leave the property.

Tenancy health check

Once you're into the second month of your tenancy, ensure your landlord has given you the legal documents you're entitled to. Checking this information at the start of your tenancy should make sure it runs more smoothly and will protect you when it comes to the time you want to move out.

If you have any queries or concerns surrounding your tenant rights, please get in touch with one of our team. 

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