Wonder wall

Wonder wall

6th Jul, 2018

No, we’re not referring to Oasis’s smash hit – what we do mean is utilising your wall space to create wonderful decorations.

It’s easy to overfill these areas and allow it to become overcrowded, but if you think carefully about what to hang where, you can build the perfect display. Here are our tips…

Take your time

Give some thought into where you would like to place things around your home – you have so many walls around your property, so the possibilities really are endless! It is also important to decide what you would like to put in the space – such as a mirror, a generic artistic canvas or a family photo, but take your time, and prioritise what you would like people to see.

In addition to this, literally take your time when hanging anything on your walls – unless you are purposefully going for the wonky look, make sure everything is straight!

Channel your inner interior designer

Everybody is different, so something that is your cup of tea won’t be someone else’s – but, it’s your house, so your rules! This could be anything from minimalist white frames, to a mish-mash of many colours and shapes. Create the look and feel you want, after all you will be looking at it every day!

Think about position

Consider the size and angle of the space you are putting things on. If the items are going up the stairs, it may be an idea to stagger them, so that they’re not all on top of one another. Ensure you have equal distance between all of your frames – if you want to make a bold statement, and cover your wall in pictures, the only way you will pull this off is if everything is evenly spaced!

Contemplate sizes

If you already have a lot going on in a room, it may be a good idea to have a single large item on a wall – this will mean that this image won’t be missed and it will be the star of the room. This is good if you really want to show something off and draw everyone’s attention to it.

On the other hand, you may prefer to make a collage of smaller pictures clustered in one place, or spread out. Remember this can vary in every room of your property, so mix things up in different spaces!

Use adhesive hooks

If you live in rented accommodation, or simply don’t wish to create lots of holes in your walls with nails, adhesive hooks or tape are the answers for you. Nowadays, there are lots of products out there strong enough to hang most things, so get shopping!

We hope that these simple tips have given you a few ideas about where and how to hang things throughout your home. Remember it is your house, so be as wacky as you want and get creative!

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