How important is a garden to potential buyers and tenants?


How important is a garden to potential buyers and tenants?

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2020

In recent years, many buyers and tenants searching for their next home have opted for properties offering smaller, low maintenance outdoor spaces, but has a year of lockdowns and isolation resulted in an increased demand for homes with gardens?

The team at Applegate Properties will testify that in the immediate aftermath of the first lockdown, demand for lawns, patios and borders soared. Higher value properties were being snapped up by local buyers and ex-city dwellers in search of a quieter lifestyle, more space to relax in, and a place to exercise their creativity. We often found a property with acreage or a large garden were the top sellers.

Tenants on the other hand, will rarely seek large outside spaces, as a garden can actually turn out to be a significant investment. Plants, lawns, shrubs, fencing and decking all cost time and money, and if a tenant plans to move on after a few years, the money is not necessarily returned. However, in recent months, we’ve noticed apartments with balconies or outside sitting area have become much more sought after. Since much of the UK got to grips with digging over old flower beds and planting nasturtiums and tomatoes, this trend could well be here to stay.

 One thing is for certain, when it comes to selling your home, tidy gutters, clean windows, a neat path and a well-maintained front garden are all key elements of that all-important kerb appeal — and will encourage a potential buyer to imagine themselves as the owners of the property.

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