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Property News in Holmfirth, Huddersfield

How to make a rental house a home

When renting a property from someone else, it can be hard to make it feel like your own home – without completely redecorating! This is why we have come up with some simple ways to help you personalise your space.

25th Apr, 2018

Welcome in the warmer weather!

The sun is finally shining, and with a forecast for warmer weather for the weekend, we can open our doors and officially let spring into our homes!

20th Apr, 2018

Tips for first time buyers getting onto the property ladder

Rocketing house prices, strict affordability checks and the need for a large deposit can make life difficult for anyone trying to invest in a property, but it can be especially tough for first time buyers.

11th Apr, 2018

Five fabulous decorative ideas for flats

Some flats can be small, pokey and dark, which can leave you feeling a little lost when it comes to decorating. But these five simple tips can brighten up the smallest of spaces and make your rooms shine…

6th Apr, 2018

Property jargon buster

Following on from last month’s ‘mortgage jargon buster’, we wanted to create another covering ‘all things property’. We know how complicated and bewildering it can be purchasing a home, never mind understanding some of the terms surrounding this industry.

28th Mar, 2018

Spring clean

It’s almost time to tackle the annual tidying ritual – the spring clean!

23rd Mar, 2018