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Property News in Holmfirth, Huddersfield

Can house plants increase your productivity?

House plants are back with a bang! Something that only the green-fingered amongst us used to tend to, has become increasingly popular over the last decade - and they're even filling up our newsfeeds as we set ourselves gardening challenges whilst at home. 

21st May, 2020

Talking design and interiors with Huddersfield-born, award-winning designer James Everitt

As soon as he could put crayon to paper, the world of design fascinated Huddersfield graphic and interior designer James Everitt. Here we ask him some questions about some of the brands he's worked with and his passion for interiors...

19th May, 2020

Exciting new development in the heart of Holmfirth

Priestley Homes and GJR Developments are in a joint venture to create 11 luxury, two-bedroom apartments in the heart of Holmfirth. Applegate Properties have been working with Priestley and GJR for the last few months and are excited to be able to bring more information, including internal photographs soon. 

18th May, 2020

Temporary opening hours

We think it's important to keep you - our valued customers, contractors and friends - updated on our opening hours in response to COVID-19. We're condensing our incoming calls, in order to maintain high service levels throughout - and here are our temporary opening hours...

8th Apr, 2020

Hello to our clients, contractors, friends and colleagues.

Hello to our clients, contractors, friends and colleagues.

We hope that this newsletter finds you and your family safe and well during these unprecedented times.

31st Mar, 2020

It’s time to find a new normal…..and work out how to download Only Fools & Horses!

Very few of us would have predicted the recent events that are suddenly upon us, although Dr Jenny Harries (Deputy Chief Medical Officer) confirmed last week that global Flu pandemic was previously at the top of their threat list and had been for some time – who would have known?

31st Mar, 2020