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Property News in Holmfirth, Huddersfield

Now may be the right time to rent!

Now may be the perfect time to rent a property, as the BBC has revealed where the cheapest areas for young people in Huddersfield and Yorkshire are.

12th Oct, 2018

Becoming a student landlord

October is here, which means that the new term has officially begun, and many students will have already found a property to let for the academic year. But don’t worry, if you’re thinking of buying a house to let to undergraduates, now is the perfect time to prepare for next year.

5th Oct, 2018

6 steps to finding the right solicitor

A solicitor or conveyancer will handle every legal aspect of buying or selling a property for you. It is crucial that you choose one as soon as you have agreed an offer on a house, so that they can oversee the whole process.

27th Sep, 2018

Applegate Properties has been shortlisted for estate agency award

Wow! We can’t believe we have been shortlisted for another accolade this month – what a great achievement for our team!

20th Sep, 2018

Happy client = happy Applegate Properties!

It is fair to say, when our clients are happy, we are happy! Here we hear from Kate Swinscoe who recently left us a five star review! 

12th Sep, 2018

Applegate Properties has been shortlisted for the British Property Awards

We have been nominated for a British Property Award – it is safe to say that the office is buzzing!

7th Sep, 2018