Six sustainable lifestyle changes to make in 2022


Six sustainable lifestyle changes to make in 2022

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2022

As sustainability rises to the top of the agenda, and individuals, families, communities, and organisations explore the changes they can each make, it’s become easier than ever to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

If you need a helping hand, here are some top tips to help foster a healthier planet for future generations…

1. Reuse and recycle

Givingused items a second life is an excellent way to minimise household waste. For instance, donating unwanted clothes to a charity shop and magazines to local waiting rooms takes minimal effort, and means you’re making the most of their primary function and maximizing the potential.

You can even keep defunct products to use for another function — cereal boxes and envelopes can become scrap pieces of paper and glass jars can be quirky plant pots or vases.

2. Invest in renewable energy options

Exploring alternative power sources is an excellent way to minimise your use of fossil fuels and reduce your carbon footprint — and can even save you money on household bills in the process.

Photovoltaic systems harness the heat from the sun and convert it into electrical energy strong enough to warm your home — and as energy prices continue to soar, generating such solar power could offer greater savings than ever before.

3. Go digital

In a bid to reduce the volume of unnecessary paper you get through, try to opt for electronic copies where possible. Is your favourite magazine subscription available in digital form? Would important documents be more protected and secure when stored on the cloud?

4. Make good use of public transport

With a host of public transportation available to us — particularly in bigger towns and cities — it’s easier than ever to opt for an alternative to putting keys in the ignition. Having fewer unnecessary cars on the road reduces harmful emissions — as well as improves congestion in busier areas. Perhaps you could even go one step further and try walking or cycling to your chosen destination.

5. Explore refillable products

Refillables are a growing trend — particularly in the toiletries and cleaning product ranges. Once you’ve purchased the original bottle or container, you can keep it and top up with your chosen product time and time again — reducing the presence of single-use plastics.

A number of household names —such as The Body Shop and Asda — are launching their own refill schemes to combat waste.

6. Switch to eco pet food

Making a switch to organic, human-grade pet food can not only improve the health of your furry friends — reducing the risk of harmful chemicals and pesticides — but can also minimise the environmental impact in the process.

Numerous pet food suppliers are launching ‘green’ ranges made from sustainable ingredients that will benefit your pets no end!

There are plenty of ways to adopt an eco-friendlier lifestyle — with a few simple swaps and adjustments you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute the global sustainability movement.

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