Four ways to create a healthy work-life balance


Four ways to create a healthy work-life balance

Posted on Thursday, February 3, 2022

There’s no denying that the past two years have been challenging and unconventional. As the world navigated unchartered waters introduced by the pandemic, working professionals have been juggling various responsibilities in an ever-changing landscape.

However, as many workers have adopted hybrid and flexible working schedules to suit their needs, it’s important to make sure this isn’t to the detriment of their personal lives, and their ability to switch off at the end of the working day.

So, here are our top tips for maintaining a healthy balance between your work and home life…

1. Exercise is key

Often one of the first things to be neglected when life gets in the way, exercise is actually one of the most effective stress reducers around. Whether a hardcore workout, a simple yoga session, or some light meditation, releasing endorphins works wonders for your mood.

If you’re searching for a milder form of exercise, we’re blessed with some breath-taking scenery in Yorkshire, so simply stepping out of your front door and into the hills can be just what the doctor ordered.

2. Step away from the phone

It can be all too tempting to refresh the work emails when you’re supposed to be off duty — which can sometimes sour your free time if you’re preoccupied with thinking about work.  

When you’ve clocked off, try to get into the habit of leaving your business device elsewhere — or even turning it off completely — to allow yourself some peace of mind. 

3. Go on an adventure

Whether it’s a two-week trip to the south of France, or a ‘staycation’ in the Lake District, try taking some time out to recharge — both physically and mentally — in new surroundings.

Spending a period in a fresh environment can help you to zone out of office-mode. And, with proper planning, you won’t have to worry about a gigantic workload greeting you on your return to HQ.  

4. Stay sociable

Make time for social events with your friends and loved ones. With a large portion of our day being taken up with work, it’s vital we spend ‘free time’ with people that make us happy and enjoy the little things.

Each small event will help you to reboot the system as well as boost productivity levels for when you’re back at your desk.

We hope we’ve provided some useful tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. For more helpful advice, from creating a sustainable home to preparing your property for viewings, head to the Journal page on our website.  

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