What are the advantages of high-quality property images?


What are the advantages of high-quality property images?

Posted on Monday, August 15, 2022

There’s nothing better than presenting house-hunters with aspirational visuals of their dream home which burst out of their newsfeed and invites them to find out more.

And, with video now being used by even more people – especially following the mass move to working from home – we’re producing even more online content covering vacant properties. At Applegate Properties, we’ve also invited vendors to send in their own videos which are being uploaded to our website, social media and Rightmove for you to see.

But when it comes to high-quality imagery, what are some of the additional benefits? And can a perfectly timed professional photo truly help you to sell, rent or buy properties? Let’s sharpen our lens’ focus and take a closer look…

It generates leads

Research has shown that listings accompanied by professional photography can generate an average of 61% more page views. So, it is really worth going the extra mile with your images as it may result in more people being interested in your house, as well as it selling faster!

Visuals increase the value

Similarly, good photos can also mean that your property sells for more money. However, your house also has to reflect your images – if a person arrives and your home doesn’t look anything like the pictures, this will obviously not increase the price.

But it isn’t just the quality of the photography you need to think about, there are also other factors to consider…

Watch the weather

Getting the best images of your house is definitely determined by the weather. This is why spring is such a popular time to sell up and why so many people wait until this season – the weather improves and so do your photos.

Buyers like to see a bright home – inside and out – not dull and dark rooms, and the sun has a way of creating a more positive and enticing aura around your property.

Clean and declutter

The shampoo bottles on the side of the bath, the washing up at the side of the sink, the socks drying on the radiator and unmade messy beds will have a detriment on how someone first views your house. Some people will see past this, but others simply won’t bother to even have another look at it. Your home could be beautiful with the best images to accompany it, but if it looks cluttered and messy you’ll miss out on viewings.

Make sure your property is presentable to do it justice and reflect your quality imagery!

We hope that this has put into perspective how important high-quality photography, coupled with the presentation of your house and rooms, really is. A prospective buyer will be looking at many other properties on the market and comparing them at the click of a button – you’ll only have a couple of seconds to catch their eye before they move onto the next one, so make it count!

Photography is definitely something you should consider when choosing an estate agent to work with. If you’re looking to sell, let or buy a property give one of our helpful and reliable team members a call now on 01484 682999.

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