Yorkshire’s Choice — Fair Trader


Yorkshire’s Choice — Fair Trader

Posted on Friday, July 21, 2023

Here in Yorkshire, we’re graced with some of the most breath-taking scenery in the country, and nestled within the landscape are some fantastic, quirky, and soulful businesses – which we love! 

So, we decided to dedicate a blog series to the companies that are at the heart and soul of the area, so you can find out a little more about them.

Next, we hear from Karen Jones, manager of Holmfirth-based sustainable and ethical gift shop, Fair Trader

Sum up your business in 100 words:

Established in 2009, Fair Trader is a volunteer-run co-operative — forming an integral part of the international co-operative movement — situated in the picturesque village of Holmfirth. The charming town which gained fame as the setting for the beloved television series 'Last of the Summer Wine'.

Passionate about making a meaningful impact, our mission is to combat global poverty by promoting fair and ethical trade practices. In addition to our online and physical stores, we organise special events, support local initiatives, provide recycling facilities, and collaborate with like-minded organisations striving to foster ethical trade for the better of communities and the environment.

Tell us about your team:

Fair Trader is operated by a dedicated team, consisting of four staff members and fifteen enthusiastic volunteers, all of whom work together to run the organisation effectively.

What makes Fair Trader special? 

Fair Trader Cooperative stands out for its commitment to promoting fair and ethical trade, reducing world poverty, and supporting sustainable products. It combines community engagement, positive social impact, and environmental consciousness.

As one of the largest Fair Trade shops in the UK, we proudly offer a diverse selection of sustainable, ethical, and stylish products. Each item is carefully chosen for its positive contributions to social and economic wellbeing.

What’s your biggest business achievement to date? 

Fair Trader's biggest business achievement is being established as one of the largest Fair Trade shops in the UK, while maintaining its rural roots here in Holmfirth. With a wide range of sustainable and ethical products, it has successfully created a thriving business that promotes Fair Trade principles and positive social change.

How long have you been based in Yorkshire? 

13 years, nearly 14 — since the beginning.

And, what’s your favourite thing about the county?  

Our favourite thing about Yorkshire is its enthusiasm and commitment to community, ethical practices, and promoting positive social and economic change. It’s such a charming and fulfilling place to live and work.

Name another local business you think deserves a shoutout, and why:

Read bookshop in Holmfirth has a wide selection of books, cosy atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and supports local authors and community events.

When you’re not hard at work, what’s the one place you love to visit in Yorkshire? 

Haworth — I love it! It’s a charming and quaint location, but also holds the distinction of being a Fair Trade village. It combines Fair Trade principles with delightful surroundings, stunning walks, and friendly folk, making it a lovely place to visit.

If you want to learn more about Fair Trader, head over to the website.


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