Exploring New Mill: A Charming Village in Holmfirth


Exploring New Mill: A Charming Village in Holmfirth Exploring New Mill: A Charming Village in Holmfirth Exploring New Mill: A Charming Village in Holmfirth Exploring New Mill: A Charming Village in Holmfirth Exploring New Mill: A Charming Village in Holmfirth Exploring New Mill: A Charming Village in Holmfirth Exploring New Mill: A Charming Village in Holmfirth

Exploring New Mill: A Charming Village in Holmfirth

Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2024

Tucked away in Holmfirth, the village of New Mill offers a slice of village life with its own unique character. With its array of walks, community spots, and local stores, New Mill is a place that promises a welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. As the recent winner of The British Property Awards for Best Agent in Holmfirth, our team is proud to share insights into this lovely village, reflecting our deep engagement with the local area and our commitment to fostering a close-knit community.

Root Café and Wellbeing Studio: A Local Favourite 

A key fixture in the village is Cafe Root & Well-being Studio, which serves as a testament to New Mill’s friendly and communal spirit.

Owned and run by husband-and-wife duo Sam and Mavra, this fabulous gem combines the benefits of Pilates and Yoga with the casual, welcoming atmosphere of a café, making it a popular gathering place. Highlighted in this month’s feature, the staff at Root Pilates & Cafe are known for their friendly demeanour, calming atmosphere, and exceptional food. From sumptuous smoothies with Chia and Manuka Honey, to salads, flatbreads and much more, this isn’t your average café! Marsden’s award winning Darkwoods coffee and Canton Tea are served as standard).

Root Café and Wellbeing Studio now also sells alcohol and opens on some evenings for a unique ‘eat what you get’ meal.

Locals and visitors alike enjoy a moment of relaxation and community connection with children and dogs also being warmly welcomed.

For more information on the café or to book a class or retreat, visit their website follow them on Instagram:

Website: https://www.rootpilates.com/cafe

Instagram: caferootandwellbeingstudio

A Walk to Remember

The charm of New Mill can be appreciated through its various footpaths and walking routes, like one of the many off shoot paths up Cold Hill Lane or venture into the depths of Wildspur Mills to see if you can spot a wild raspberry or roaming Deer (we saw one recently in there). These walks offer a pleasant way to explore the village’s surroundings, providing a leisurely experience rather than an awe-inspiring adventure. It’s the perfect opportunity for a weekend stroll, offering a glimpse into the everyday beauty that New Mill residents enjoy.

Which ever walk you opt for its essential to end at Root Café for a slice of delight with coffee!

Finding Your Place in New Mill

If you're drawn to the community spirit and the lifestyle New Mill offers, we’re here to help you find your perfect home. Fresh from our recognition as the Best Agent in Holmfirth by The British Property Awards, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a personalized approach to the property search. Our selection of properties in New Mill caters to a variety of preferences and lifestyles, ensuring you find a place that feels like home.

Property 1 – For land: O/A £875,000: https://www.applegateproperties.co.uk/property-details/101343004287/west-yorkshire/new-mill/new-mill-9?page=1&instruction_type=Sale&showstc=on

Property 2 – For a great price: O/O £350,000: https://www.applegateproperties.co.uk/property-details/101343004316/west-yorkshire/new-mill/new-mill-7?page=2&instruction_type=Sale&showstc=on

Property 3 – For a bungalow: O/A £340,000: https://www.applegateproperties.co.uk/property-details/101343004416/west-yorkshire/new-mill/new-mill-11?page=2&instruction_type=Sale&showstc=on

Property 4 – For turn key: Guide £200,000: https://www.applegateproperties.co.uk/property-details/101343004479/west-yorkshire/new-mill/new-mill-12?page=4&instruction_type=Sale&showstc=on

Property 5 – For families: Guide price £180,000 - £200,000: https://www.applegateproperties.co.uk/property-details/101343004510/-/-/new-mill?page=4&instruction_type=Sale&showstc=on

Property 6 – For cottage charm: O/A £159,950: https://www.applegateproperties.co.uk/property-details/101343004510/-/-/new-mill?page=4&instruction_type=Sale&showstc=on

From quaint cottages to functional family homes, our portfolio reflects the diversity and charm of the village.

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