5 simple ways to utilise lighting in your home


5 simple ways to utilise lighting in your home

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2021

As the colder season approaches and the daylight hours diminish, utilising lighting is a simple and effective way to keep you home looking fresh and feeling welcoming. The level of brightness you opt for, can really transform your property, and create a range of atmospheres to suit your moods.

Below are five ways to illuminate your space and make your house a happier place…

1.      Assess the amount of natural light
This is the first step you should take before deciding on your precise requirements. Each room in your house, if it has a window, will have some form of natural daylight. Depending on whether the room is north or south facing, this will affect how bright or dark the space is, which will help determine how much extra light is needed.
2.      Think about wattage

If your switches don’t have dimmers, it is a good idea to have more than one light source in your room – this means you can change the luminosity to match your requirements and mood. For example, if you wanted to do some reading, a higher wattage light would be needed for visibility, but if you are winding down and require a cosy atmosphere, a duller glow would be ideal.

3.      Consider the colour

You can purchase many different coloured lights, which ultimately produce unique ambiances. The most common choices of bulbs range from dull yellows to bright whites. However, out-there colours – such as pinks and blues – could be ideal to add that wow-factor to your room, for example as kitchen floor spotlights.  

4.      Review the type of light frame

Whether you desire chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps or spotlights with no frame, you need to consider how much lighting the room actually needs. If you opt for a chandelier with multiple bulbs, this may be all that is required to do the job, but a single spotlight would not be sufficient in brighten up a whole room – so think carefully!  

5.      Dare to be different

Nowadays, you can purchase many varieties of light shades and lamps – so dare to be different! Instead of just thinking about the level of radiance produced, make a feature of your lamp to add a striking new dimension to any room.

We hope that these simple tips will help you decide how much lighting is sufficient in your property, and the types of frames which work. Play around with different options until you reach your desired atmosphere, and then enjoy!


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