Yorkshire's Choice - Dalit Goods Co.


Yorkshire's Choice - Dalit Goods Co.

Yorkshire's Choice - Dalit Goods Co.

Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2023


Privileged to be an estate agent in Holmfirth, we’re graced with some of the most breath-taking scenery in the country. Within the landscape are some fantastic, quirky, and soulful businesses which we are desperate to support.

This month, we stretched our search area that little bit further to Dalit Goods Company. Dalit Goods Company are the trading arm of Life Association, a registered charity who for 20 years have been building and managing schools and children's homes in India. Every purchase of Dalit Goods products goes towards supporting their work abroad. They are committed to the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility in every area of Dalit Goods and combine western design with eastern skill to achieve this.

We are proud to support this company and their beautiful products. So much so they provide us with their candles for our customers. We caught up with Natalie to discuss all things Dalit Goods Co.

Sum up Dalit Goods Company in 100 words

Dalit Goods Co was created as a way to raise awareness of the Dalits’ plight and also funds for our charity, Life Association. Dalit candles are handmade by the Dalit potters in the Dharavi Slum in Mumbai and the purchase of these candles not only provides much needed employment but supports our work with street children and the Dalit community.

Tell us about the team at Dalit

The idea for Dalit Goods came about as a result of a trip to India by Life Association director Simon Hawthorne. It started with him and his wife Julia and although they have taken a step back, we’re still a small family run team.

What makes Dalit special

For me, we don’t just sell beautiful handmade products, but each gift tells a story. Each candle in our collection is named after a child who has been cared for in one of our children’s homes in India.

What is the biggest achievement for Dalit to date

It’s always amazing seeing our products on the shelves, more recently in the US too.

What is your favourite thing about Dalit

Our customers, there is not a day goes by that I don’t speak to someone lovely. Whether it’s trade customers who love our products as much as us and sell them on in their shop, online website, garden centre, florist etc. Or people buying from our website and leaving a lovely comment. We have the best customers!

For more information on Dalit Goods Company or to buy one of their products please check out their webite: Dalit Goods Handmade Gifts

Follow them on Instagram: Dalit Goods Co. or Facebook: Dalit Goods Co

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