How to transform your garden for the summer


How to transform your garden for the summer

Posted on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

As the sun continues to shine, days become longer and evenings warm up, your garden is a space you’ll spend a lot more time in. Whether you’re the person that uses their garden to host family BBQ’s or someone who wants to sit alone to wind down, you want this place to be welcoming.

Here’s just a selection of ways you can transform your garden, and utilise the space you have…


This is one of the most effective ways to extend the use of your garden. Simple LED lights on the ground or fairy lights above your head, will illuminate your surroundings, whilst creating an ambiance even after the sun has set.


Although containers can be very high maintenance as they need regular feeding, and watering, if you give them a little bit of your time, they will return the favour by making your garden look beautiful. And, better still you can fill them with whatever flowers take your fancy, and even change them at any time!


We all have fences, walls, hedges or something that defines the boundaries of our property. Usually this is all they do, but it’s a good idea to make a feature of them! Integrate them into your garden by adding climbers to your fences, clipping your hedges and decorating your walls – this way they look pretty and are less obtrusive.


This may not be something for everyone, but having a form of water feature can add a touch of the tropical to your garden. If you’re someone that loves wildlife, a pond is an easy way to attract some evening company. But, equally a simple bird bath would work just as well, adding an extra dimension to your space.


What’s beneath your feet in your garden may not be something you’ve thought of, or even paid much attention to. But, mixing up the ground coverings can help you create different sections across your land. A section of patio or decking could be the perfect area to have seating or a fire pit, which would contrast nicely with a grassed area to create a brighter, more natural space.


Some form of garden furniture is important in transforming your garden. Without it, your garden could look unwelcoming and sparse. It could be anything from a simple bench, a hidden hammock or something more elaborate like an outdoor sofa with a parasol. Whatever your preference, a seating area can change the atmosphere of your space.

Whatever you decide to do to spruce up your garden, remember summer is just around to corner, so transform it into a place that you – or prospective buyers – will want to get lost in!


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