Award winning designer James Everitt shares some exciting developments in the world of interior design


Award winning designer James Everitt shares some exciting developments in the world of interior design

Posted on Friday, February 19, 2021

Each month we’ll be shining a spotlight on one of our friends who posess that all-important design eye to get some insight from the industry. First up it’s over to award-winning designer James Everitt, of Less is More Interiors to tell us more about what exciting developments are happening in the world of interiors.  

‘Less is more’


Finding beauty and joy in the simple things is an easy way to make you feel happy and content in life. This approach can also be applied to your home. In interior design, the concept of “less is more” is all about creating simple and impactful interiors. 


Minimalist homes don’t have to be cold or unwelcoming. There are a few key principles which we can all adopt into our homes to remove the clutter and strip away the unnecessary layers to enhance the beauty of your home.


Make considered purchases

Be less impulsive when it comes to buying items for your home - ask yourself if you really need this? Make sure everything has a purpose. Focus on the functionality - bulky furniture is the main culprit in adding to space clutter.  Having a regular clear out to tidy up your space will also help your home feel clutter free and refreshed.


Free up some space

Importantly don’t be too ruthless! Having a clear out is definitely a good idea from time to time, but remember you still need to live in your home and still require functional pieces as well as personal items to give your home that ‘homely’ feel. Paring back your space to just the essentials is a good way to make your home feel bigger and clutter free. You’ll be surprised how satisfying this feels. Clever storage solutions are a way of hiding the stuff you need but don’t want to be visible without compromising on the look of ‘less is more’. 


Choosing the right colour scheme

A minimalist home doesn’t mean living in a stark white box, colour has an immediate effect on mood whilst an overall neutral colour palette is considered calm and serene, splashes of colour or pattern can add interest and invigorate a room. Bold colours and patterns are great to use, but in moderation. Try to keep consistency in your home and consider the flow from room to room. The colours you choose do not always have to match, but should rather complement one another.


Quality over quantity

Don’t feel the need to fill every empty space in your home. It is more crucial to have fewer quality items than having a ton of fillers! If you are buying less furniture, this can mean you can afford more luxurious and exclusive pieces which will stand the test of time. Design classics such as the Barcelona Chair exudes simple elegance and will make an impact in any home. 


Taking this advice into consideration, even if a minimal home isn’t for you, embracing a few underlying design principles can help create a simpler, happier home. For more advice and help with your interior projects Less is More Interiors is here to help you make the most of your property.


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