Looking back on 2020 at Applegate Properties


Looking back on 2020 at Applegate Properties

Posted on Tuesday, December 22, 2020

We invited our colleagues to reflect on the past year at Applegate, picking their own highlight — personal or professional — to round off the last 12 months with a glass half full in hand.

Here’s what some of the team had to say…

Gwen Kaye, lettings account manager: I’m delighted to have had practically zero rent arrears since the beginning of the pandemic — made possible by the regular contact we’ve had with both landlords and tenants. Despite the difficult times, it’s been fantastic to see everyone working together for one shared goal.

Jordan Greaves, lettings specialist: After joining Applegate Properties only a short time ago, I feel this in itself has been the highlight for 2020. Following ten months of furlough, it’s been a breath of fresh air to join this growing, passionate and hardworking team. I have been warmly welcomed and already feel part of the family.

Rebecca Stead, business support administrator: Earlier this year, I returned to work after nearly four months off due to illness — it was a huge relief to get stuck in and feel a sense of normality again. It’s also been great to welcome our new team members and get to know them. Laura Townson, our former senior lettings specialist, temporarily returned to help with internal training before her exciting new venture. Although I’ll miss her very much, I wish her lots of luck! 

As a personal highlight, I was one of the few lucky people to manage a ‘proper holiday’ this year —my partner and I escaped to Turkey and did nothing but lay by the pool for a week!

Claire Loft, sales advisor: My highlight is starting my new role with Applegate Properties, beginning a fresh career, and learning all the ins-and-outs of working within the property industry. I’m thoroughly enjoying the challenge and looking forward to more professional development in the New Year.

Tayla Booty, sales specialist: We have continued to work with some lovely customers this year and although the world has been dealing with the challenges of a pandemic, everyone has stuck together. We even managed to sell a gentleman’s property, move him into one of our rental properties, and then discover a new property for him to purchase and move into — all in the space of a year! Outside of work and on a personal level, my highlight is definitely becoming pregnant with my first child!

Grace Noke, lettings manager: My greatest moment from the past year has to be joining the Applegate Properties team, embarking in an industry that I am passionate about, and being part of such an amazing group of professionals. I also — somehow — won the internal Applegate pumpkin carving competition — so proud!

Amy Wray, managing director and founder: Thanks to everyone’s support this year, we have answered every single call while tackling homeworking, sickness, isolation, instant market changes, adapting to new responsibilities and managing our own anxieties and personal situations. We have learnt from every challenge and taken this year as an opportunity to grow and develop our own processes. I’m so proud of the whole team for their hard work this year — we have not only survived but done so with grace and excellence.  

Thank you to everyone for their continued support this year, we look forward to working with you in 2021!

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