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Yorkshire’s Choice - Read Bookshop Yorkshire’s Choice - Read Bookshop Yorkshire’s Choice - Read Bookshop Yorkshire’s Choice - Read Bookshop Yorkshire’s Choice - Read Bookshop

Yorkshire’s Choice - Read Bookshop

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Privileged to be an estate agents in Holmfirth, we’re graced with some of the most breath-taking scenery in the country. Within the landscape are some fantastic, quirky, and soulful businesses which we are desperate to support.

This month, we caught up with business owner Louise to discuss her gorgeous book shop, Read Bookshop, which is located in Holmfirth centre. They offer a variety of different books to suit readers of all ages and even have a dedicated children’s area. They even offer a subscription service which can be purchase for 3, 6 or 12 months. It is definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been in before or if you are visiting Holmfirth for the weekend.

Sum up your business in 100 words:

We run an independent bookshop for both adults and children. We aim to offer a personal service  - everyone is welcome here and nothing makes us happier than someone going away with a book they didn’t know existed!

Tell us about your team:

Myself and James are the owners of Read but we also have 5 amazing members of staff who work with us - Clare, Eleanor, Jim, Penny and Ruth. They all love reading and can recommend all sorts of books. We couldn’t run the shop without them and they are all fantastic people.

What makes Read special? 

Every person who comes into the shop is important, we want them to feel welcome and comfortable here. Sometimes people like to be left alone to choose but more often than not, people come to us for recommendations. We regularly get people coming back to us to tell us about the books they’ve read and come for more recommendations. If we don’t like a book, we’re not afraid to tell people this - we’re all different but we think it’s important to be honest! 

What’s your biggest business achievement to date? 

We were teachers originally and the point at which we were able to make this our only job was nerve-wracking but incredibly exciting. We’re really proud of the business we have built.

How long have you been based in Yorkshire? 

It will be our 5th birthday in February 2024. We can’t believe that we’ve been here for nearly five years!

And, what’s your favourite thing about the West Yorkshire county?  

The beautiful scenery, reservoirs and also that people are so friendly.

Name another local business you think deserves a shoutout, and why:

Cafe Root & Well-being Studio - Mavra is a superstar pilates teacher and the cafe is gorgeous too.

When you’re not hard at work, what’s the one place you love to visit in Yorkshire?

We love going to York as a family and taking the children to Betty’s. 

Wherever we go, we like to go to other bookshops! Our favourite independent bookshop to go to has to be Imagined Things in Harrogate.

Sound like your kind of people?
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