The top interior design trends of 2021


The top interior design trends of 2021

Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2021

We think we speak for everyone when we say that 2020 was a tricky year for many professionals within our industry.

And despite the UK plunging into another national lockdown, here at Applegate Properties we’re keen to stay positive and focus on the exciting themes emerging in the world of design.

With an increased focus on sustainably sourced materials, natural products, and calming surroundings, there are plenty of interior trends to look out for in 2021. So, to give you a heads up, we’re shining a light on some of the themes we expect to see more of this year.

Indoor plants continues to adorn many homes

With foliage becoming more popular for property owners and sellers in recent years, we’re expecting that interior fans will welcome greenery to their homes this year — especially considering the many confirmed health benefits, and the increased amount of time we’re all spending indoors! For low maintenance species, you can’t go far wrong with a succulent, fern or cactus.

Wallpaper makes a comeback

Although traditional decoration options like tile and paint are still very much in the running, wallpaper is emerging once again as a quick, affordable, and trendy solution to make a bold statement and bring a room to life.

Striking colours, patterns, and even textures can provide the perfect backdrop for a space that needs a simple revival. Additionally, the arrival of ‘temporary wallpaper’ means you can add some fun to your space with a less permanent outcome should you change your mind further down the line.

Dried flora blooms in popularity

Another trend to bring the outside in, dried flowers are an eco-friendly and affordable way to have flowers in your home all year round. Popular blooms include wheat, lavender, delphinium and of course, the famous pampas grass.

Grab yourself a striking vase and some long-stemmed grasses and you’ve got the perfect statement piece for your bookshelf or windowsill.

Pantone selects ‘Colours of the Year’

US colour specialist, Pantone recently selected not one but two shades for Colours of the Year for 2021, with ‘Illuminating’ a zesty yellow, and ‘Ultimate Grey’ a neutral grey tone.

The combination is said to “highlight how different elements come together to support one another” – an apt choice for the times, we think. We’re expecting to see plenty of pops of sunny yellow décor this year.

The rise of rustic chic

Finally, we’re anticipating an increased focus on sustainability as we attempt to upcycle, rehome and repair pre-loved indoor accessories and furniture. This new trend will pave the way for a more relaxed approach to interior decoration — less confined to what goes — as homeowners try to introduce random second-hand items for that effective rustic style.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas for your own home makeover, we’d love to see photos of your transformations. Please post them to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages!


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