Seven ways to spruce up your interior without breaking the bank


Seven ways to spruce up your interior without breaking the bank

Posted on Thursday, September 15, 2022

There’s no feeling quite like redecorating your home – not least if it’s been a while since the last refresh.

The trouble is, everything comes at a cost. And when the economy is in such a constant state of flux, there’s never been a more important time to curb your spending.

That’s why, Holmfirth estate agent, Applegate Properties, has prepared a list of handy tips to help you on your mission. Sit tight, grab a cuppa, and read on…

Introduce a statement wall

Switching up some simple design elements is a foolproof way to make a major change – without spending too much time, money, or effort.

Consider adding a bold pop of colour, a playful pattern, or some interesting textures, to create a richer and more dynamic space.

If you’re concerned about committing to a complete overhaul, there is also a wide variety of removable wallpaper options on the market that offer a good compromise - a great option for rental properties too!

Replace your furniture hardware

It’s amazing to see just how much of a difference replacing hardware can make on the overall aesthetic of your space – not least because it’s often the key component holding a great piece of furniture back.

From antique brass arms and contemporary matt black knobs to rope pulls and subtle thumb turns, there are so many different options available to give a new lease of life to your surroundings.

Hide unsightly routers and consoles 

Let’s face it, while WiFi and entertainment technology are part-and-parcel of every home, they don’t make for the most pleasing viewing. But from countertop baskets to faux book stacks, there is an abundance of creative ways to keep them out of sight.

However, it’s important to remember that these routers and consoles are natural conductors of heat – so ensure there’s plenty of ventilation,, whichever option you choose.

Browse online – but wait before you buy

If you’re seeking new furniture additions, artworks, bed linen, or anything in between, a great tip is to place desired items in your basket, without actually checking out and completing the transaction.

The chances are, the retailer will trigger an automated discount email in a bid to make you buy. It’s a win-win situation – and a great way to save a few pounds on your purchases.

Refresh your front door

There’s much to be said about kerb appeal when trying to ramp up the appearance of your home. And a fresh lick of paint can work wonders for transforming both the look and feel.

With a tin of premium outdoor paint costing as little as £25, it’s a far cheaper alternative to replacing the timber altogether.

Consider reupholstery

With a unique fabric covering, you can turn an outdated sofa or chair into a new-look statement piece, suitable for any desired space.

You don’t have to be an expert either! Although there might be a few hiccups to rectify along the way, it’s a process almost anyone can tackle with great success. WikiHow has some great visuals to guide you, and there’s also a wide variety of YouTube tutorials to follow if you need more granular detail. 

DIY your worktops

Are your countertops in need of a refresh. Today, there are a host of options ranging in cost to completely transform your kitchen, utility room, or bathroom.

Vinyl self-adhesive, for example, is a simple peel-and-stick solution that can give a new lease of life to any existing piece. From marble to granite, monochrome to colourful, plain to patterned, find something to suit your taste from retailers like Amazon, B&Q, and even B&M.

We could go on forever! But that’s all for this week’s property piece, folks.

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