Our core values


Our core values

Posted on Friday, February 26, 2021

As we approach our 11th year in operation, the Applegate team started to reflect about what makes us special, and how our internal culture helps us to provide outstanding service for our wonderful customers.

Although we’re not usually ones to blow our own trumpets, here are some of the elements that we attribute to our success…

We love our process

This refers to the specific set of criteria we stick to in the office that ensures excellent and consistent levels of customer service are met at all times.

At first, colleagues with previous experience in the industry have been a little shocked by the amount of care we take at Applegate — whether that’s checking in with a client every two weeks or updating a potential viewer each day when organising a property viewing — but it’s this attention to detail that allows us to strive for perfection in everything we do.

Our systems, technology, and team work in harmony and evolve constantly — and we tweak something most weeks to continue to improve and grow.

We work as one

There is no ‘I don’t do that’ at Applegate. A sense of teamwork is crucial and while we do have a chain of command in terms of reporting, no one is too important to pop the kettle on or empty the bin!

Each department supports each other and pitches in where necessary, so if you like teamwork and variation, you’d like it here!

We strive for excellence

We ask everyone who comes into contact with us to provide feedback, review it as a team, and identify ways we could be better.

We’re honest, we check every contractor invoice for our rental homes and quibble over the last £10 to save our landlords money, and have built a solid reputation in the industry — a huge portion of new business still comes from recommendations and referrals.

We’re also licensed with both ARLA and NAEA, and undertake annual training to ensure that we’re always on top form for our customers.

We make it happen

We drive paperwork between solicitors at the 11th hour if necessary, we come in early, stay late, take heaters to tenants with no heating, think outside the box within complex sale scenarios, and call other estate agents in chains to try and speed things along.

We're proactive and know that communication is key — which is why we’ve invested in a phone system which allows us to access and transfer calls wherever we are — and take the time to update our clients every step of the way.

We genuinely care

Put simply, we genuinely care about doing a good job, supporting our local community, working together as a team, and always having fun in the process.

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