15 ways photography can make or break a property sale


15 ways photography can make or break a property sale

Posted on Friday, June 16, 2023

Anyone who has purchased a property previously will know that visuals play an integral role in marketing. As well as drawing prospective buyers in for viewings, it demonstrates the potential that’s boasted by your four walls for years to come — whether that’s paving the way for future development work, or simply showcasing the opportunity for decor and furnishings. It doesn’t have to appeal to everyone, but rather highlight what could be done with a space.

The well-known phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ certainly rings true when it comes to property sales — with photography either able to capture the unique beauty of a home and attract hopeful buyers, or failing to do it justice and therefore breaking the sale. 

With almost 13 years of experience bringing new and interesting offers to market, our award-winning estate agent team in Holmfirth certainly knows a thing or two about this topic. Here’s more, to help prepare you for sale or let…

1. The first impression: High-quality and well-composed photographs create a strong first impression, instantly grabbing the attention of potential buyers. If they’re high quality, images are more likely to instil confidence in the buyer — giving the impression of a reputable seller.

2. Visual storytelling: Photography allows you to tell a compelling story about the property, highlighting its best features and creating an emotional connection with buyers.

3. Attracting online buyers: In the digital age, most property searches begin online, and eye-catching photographs are crucial in attracting buyers to click and explore further — generating more views, clicks, and engagement on listing platforms, therefore boosting their visibility and chances of a sale.

4. Standing out from the competition: Professional and captivating photographs can make a property stand out among numerous listings, increasing its chances of being noticed by potential buyers.

5. Showcasing unique features: Photography enables you to highlight the unique aspects of a property — such as architectural details, stunning views, or special amenities — making it more desirable.

6. Creating a sense of space: Well-executed photography can accurately represent the size and layout of rooms, allowing buyers to envision themselves in the space.

7. Setting the right mood: Through lighting, composition, and styling, photography can create a specific atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers and enhances their interest in the property.

8. Generating more leads: Properties with visually appealing photographs tend to generate more inquiries and viewings, increasing the pool of potential buyers and the chances of a sale.

9. Social media impact: Eye-catching property photographs can be easily shared on social media platforms — particularly visual platforms like Instagram, or those that share more digestible snippets, like TiKTok — expanding their reach and attracting a wider audience.

10. Highlighting renovations and improvements: Photography allows sellers to showcase any upgrades or renovations done to the property, increasing its perceived value in the eyes of potential buyers.

11. Accurate representation: High-quality photographs provide an accurate representation of the space— alleviating buyer scepticism, as they provide transparency and give buyers a comprehensive view of the property, and minimising surprises for buyers during in-person visits, therefore reducing the chances of a sale falling through.

12. Showcasing outdoor spaces: Photography can effectively capture outdoor areas such as gardens, pools, or patios — demonstrating the full potential and increasing its appeal. It also provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the listing’s location too. After all, area is a significant factor influencing sales today.

13. Virtual tours and 360-degree photography: With technological advancements, immersive virtual tours, and 360-degree photography, agents can allow potential buyers to explore the property remotely — enhancing interest and reducing unnecessary visits.

14. Targeting specific buyers: Through photography, sellers can tailor their images to appeal to specific target markets — such as families, professionals, or retirees — effectively showcasing features that resonate with their needs and preferences.

15. Documenting architectural details: Photography can capture the unique architectural elements of a property, such as intricate mouldings, original flooring, or historical features — adding value and attracting buyers with a specific interest in these details.

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