Embrace countryside living with these hobbies


Embrace countryside living with these hobbies

Posted on Friday, February 11, 2022

Residing in the countryside is a wonderful luxury that many of us take for granted – you can break away from the stress, hustle and bustle, and pollution of the city and enjoy life at your own pace.

And from beautiful landscapes and precious wildlife, to treasure troves of hidden history and sporting opportunities, there’s a whole host of adventures to pursue to enhance your experience even further.

For all you countryside dwellers, here are five great hobbies that are there for the taking…


Rural areas spoil us for choice when it comes to finding a suitable walking route. And with offers ranging from scenic gardens and wild parklands to dramatic hill-top trails – there really is something for everyone.

Not only does hiking offer great benefits in terms of exercise, spending time with Mother Nature is also scientifically proven to help you beat the blues — triggering a release of dopamine and serotonin. Just make sure you’re equipped with comfortable footwear!


Cycling in the countryside can be an exhilarating experience – not least because of the abundance of open space and variety of terrain to ride through.

While it provides a great opportunity to improve health and introspect, it also offers a sustainable alternative to driving – helping to preserve the environment and protect biodiversity.


With subtle beauty lurking around every corner – from picturesque sunsets and burrowing wildlife, to rolling hills and quaint building structures – there are plenty of compelling moments to capture in the countryside.

And what makes it so great, is that our advancing digital technologies have made this hobby accessible to anyone. There’s no need to invest in a techy professional camera – simply tap a button on your smartphone and you’re pretty much a pro already!


Draw inspiration from the countryside’s pleasant and peaceful atmosphere and outset all other thoughts from your exhausted mind for just a few minutes each day with meditation practice.

For an extra element of mindfulness and serenity, you could even take this hobby outside and enjoy some rays on brighter days.


Light pollution in built-up cities often means stargazing is a luxury that just cannot be indulged in, as skyglow from unshielded lights masks these celestial bodies from view.

Embrace countryside living by taking advantage of our clear skies. You don’t need to be a professional astronomer to observe the beauties overhead – simply cast your eyes up on a clear night and enjoy.

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Stay tuned for the second instalment of this piece next month, for five more hobbies to help you embrace country life and maximise its full potential.

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