Five eco-friendly home cleaning products to try


Five eco-friendly home cleaning products to try

Posted on Friday, August 27, 2021

We all love the feel of a fresh-smelling, glistening home. But as we actively reduce the amount of single-use plastic brought into our houses including food packaging, shopping bags, and spray bottles, have we stopped to think about the potentially harmful qualities of the actual products we’re using to clean?

Opting for eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions can help to transform your weekly housekeeping routine to be greener — without compromising on quality.

Here, we offer our recommendations for environmentally-conscious products to help you live as sustainably as possible.

1. Bamboo wipes

Although disposable wipes aren’t exactly favour of the month at the moment, this alternative from Cheeky Panda could be just what you’ve been searching for.

The wipes themselves are made from FSC-certified bamboo — meaning 65% less carbon emission — and the solution is made up of just water, aloe vera, and fruit extracts, so no damaging chemicals for your hands. Plus, rather than chucking in the waste bin after use, the wipes can be added to the compost heap to decompose over time.

2. Ecover household bundles

The affordable product bundle from ecover offers detergent, washing up liquid, surface cleaner, and toilet solution which meets the highest ethical and environmental standards for a modest £14!

3. Bio-D laundry bleach

We’ve all felt the disappointment when a formerly white t-shirt emerges from the washing machine looking a little past its best! With this laundry bleach from Bio-D keeps, whites stay bright without the use of petrochemicals traditionally found in bleaches.

4. Enzymatic drain cleaning sticks

A speedy solution for unblocking and freshening up your drains — simply drop a stick through the plughole and the natural enzymes will start to destroy the soap scum and food particles to prevent build up and nasty smells.

Plus, one pack — costing just £8 — has enough sticks to keep you stocked up for a year.

5. Splosh subscription service

These starter packs from Splosh offer a letterbox service of vegan, mostly plant-derived cleaning products at an incredibly good price.

Plus, every bottle sold is refillable with concentrated refill pouches, which means plastic waste is cut by 95%. And if you return your used refill pouches, they are even upcycled into new products.


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