Boost Your Well-being: Celebrating National Exercise Day in Holmfirth with Applegate Properties


Boost Your Well-being: Celebrating National Exercise Day in Holmfirth with Applegate Properties

Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2024

Welcome to Applegate Properties, your trusted estate agents nestled in the heart of Holmfirth, Huddersfield. As spring blossoms, we're gearing up to celebrate National Exercise Day on April 18th. This occasion reminds us to prioritize our physical and mental health, even with small steps toward movement. Join us and our team as we explore Holmfirth's scenic delights, dive into the benefits of exercise, and showcase why our award-winning estate agents are integral to this vibrant community.

Holmfirth offers picturesque landscapes and captivating trails, inviting locals and visitors alike. On National Exercise Day, lace up your hiking boots and venture forth along the breathtaking Pennine Way or the tranquil Kirklees Way. These trails offer stunning vistas and a chance to reconnect with nature.

For a leisurely pace, Holmfirth's parks provide idyllic settings for a relaxed stroll or a serene picnic with loved ones. Visit Greenhead Park, ideal for young children to take bikes too or Beaumont Park for the wooden animal trail. Alternatively you could take a riverside walk along the picturesque River Holme.

As proud members of the Holmfirth community, Applegate Properties supports local initiatives promoting well-being. Keep an eye out for fitness events on National Exercise Day, from group yoga sessions to community bike rides. Holmfirth is home to several excellent yoga studios. Consider visiting 'Be Yoga' (hot yoga) at Skelmanthorpe, 'Cafe Root & Well-being Studio' in New Mill, or 'Cocoon' in Holmfirth for rejuvenating yoga classes led by experienced instructors.

We recognize the benefits of exercise for physical and mental well-being. Research shows regular activity can enhance cardiovascular health, boost immune function, and alleviate stress. Strength training offers advantages like increased muscle strength and bone density.

Holmfirth and Huddersfield boasts excellent gyms and strength training coaches ready to support your fitness journey. Consider visiting 'Oragyms' in Shepley, where PT Liz Crabtree offers personalized training to help you reach your goals, supporting gut health and nutrition along the way. Alternatively, 'The Unit Fitness' at Honley has an array of trainers to best suite your needs.

To discover other events happening in Holmfirth, visit: This comprehensive resource showcases a variety of activities and gatherings, providing opportunities to engage with the local community and further enrich your National Exercise Day experience.

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