Don’t let a survey put you off your dream home!


Don’t let a survey put you off your dream home!

Posted on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

It’s very easy to be swayed by someone else’s opinion – or findings – on a property, especially if you’re not experienced in dealing with and viewing a variety of homes.

Banks, solicitors and building surveyors can often approach things in black and white terms, so their advice and findings also reflects this.

But, we are all humans with emotions and reactions, and sometimes we have a gut response to a house, which may not match the information you have been told by various third parties.

For example, on the surface, a house may look as though it is going to fall down at any minute – but look a little deeper and you may find that a little extra work, time and investment could reap long-term rewards – which may otherwise have been missed if you didn’t take the time to acknowledge its potential.

For anyone that has ever bought a home, you will know how easy it is to walk into a space and instantly fall in love. However, this dream can be completely shattered if the banks won’t lend you the money, the survey has raised issues, or the solicitor has highlighted pitfalls.

So, it is important to discuss any problems, as well as the potential solutions – with someone you trust – to decide whether the purchase is worth your time, money and overall investment. You have to weigh up your emotional connection against the facts, to determine your outcome.

Think carefully about what they are presenting to you on paper and how it will translate to your life, and the property. Ask yourself questions like, ‘Will we lose money?’ ‘Can we add value to it to outweigh the negatives?’ Sometimes you have to go against the advice of a professional, to come out on top later down the line.

Now, we’re not encouraging you to never listen or act recklessly in your decision-making – but take what they say and apply it to your own circumstances and visions.

Remember, perfect doesn’t exist! No property can get through a survey blemish-free, so it’s how you interpret the findings that matters.

Work out what your compromises are – and go for it!

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