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Property News in Holmfirth, Huddersfield

Halloween competition

Halloween is just around the corner, so it's time for our annual competition to get you into the spirit - no pun intended! Find out how to enter here...

18th Oct, 2019

Property tax changes set for 2020

Throughout 2019 there have been numerous tax changes effecting both landlords and homeowners, so we wanted to revisit these ahead of their implementation in April 2020. Here is a timely reminder of the upcoming amendments...

11th Oct, 2019

How to ensure downsizing is the right decision

Downsizing is more commonly associated with older people, who have children that have flown the nest, meaning they no longer have use for those extra bedrooms. But how do you know when it's the right time to downsize? 

4th Oct, 2019

5 things to consider before moving to a remote location

Living in a busy city or town isn't for everyone, and the thought of moving to a remote location can be some people's idea of heaven.But some people can be left feeling a little disappointed and regretting this big move. Here are our top five things to think about before relocating to the middle of nowhere...

25th Sep, 2019

Meet Gwen Kaye - Applegate’s Lettings Account Manager

Next up in our employee spotlight it's Gwen Kaye, our lettings account manager. She ensures all of our client's money and bonds are secure, and loves a coffee from Longley's! 

19th Sep, 2019

How to make a new build a home

When buying a new build, there is the risk of it not having that 'homey' atmosphere and it not feeling truly yours. So how can you put your own stamp on a brand new house?

13th Sep, 2019